DeWi Cats

A new class of NFTs built for the people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Discord?

Yes, coming soon!

DeWi Cats is a utility nft and with this comes many benefits. One of thes being you geting access to an exclusive fund holding helium miners. As a holder you get to decide what todo with these rewards. Yes by holding DeWiCats you will have voting power to decide where to deploy hotspots and where those rewards are allocated towards. Lets build the most powerful people powered PFP ever! 🚀

Yes, this will be announced with more detail in the future. We’ll announce allowlist winners on our twitter page can be verified on DeWiCats raffle page.

We will select the next in line winners from the raffle. 👀

One mint per wallet is allowed per allowlist winner.


• 1,850: Public sale to allowlist winners
• 150: DeWiCat community members who contribute to the project will each recieve 1 free mint

Owners of DeWiCats have full commercial art rights for the DeWiCat they own. Full details coming soon (prior to launch).

100% of proceeds go directly to DeWiCats Treasury / Members. We are a community funded project and we plan to use the funds to grow the DeWiCats community and fund future projects.

Here at DeWiCats we plan to take quality to the next level. That is why we plan to release DeWiCats with an exclusive DAO where DeWiCat holders will be able to vote and view the treasuries mining rewards. Additionally, DeWiCat holders will be able to stake there DeWiCat to earn even more rewards. In the future, we plan to release Project DewiVerse, our unique take on the Metaverse.

Dewicats secondary sales will be disbursed in three parts.
• DeWiCats Creators will receive 3% of all secondary sales.
• DeWiCats DAO will receive 1% of all secondary sales.
• Helium Foundation will receive 1% of all secondary sales.

Yes, you will immediately know what your new friend looks like!